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I suspect that you have no idea how much water goes through an engine, via the intake, on a simple rainy day. FAR more than a correctly set up WI system. Same goes for cars living in a high RH area.

If you think there's a problem with the expansion of vaporising water in an engine, you must be positively mortified thinking about the expansion of all that air, and fuel going bang in the cylinders

The only associated problems relating to WI, that I'm aware of, are not running a methanol mix in winter, and the WI system freezing up, and like I already asked you, water being used with a VERY high acidity, which more commonly also damages the pump, not the engine.

"enhances ?", I take it that you've not tuned an engine, with, and without WI then

Issues should be debated, that's how we learn,

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