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Originally Posted by Steve.804 View Post
The OP is the one that said rally racing. He makes it seem these guys are flying through the woods at 120mph with stock wrx brakes

That isnt even remotely close to what I said or made it seem like. Well ok I cant say what I made it seem like, since that is a matter of peception. But it definitely wasnt what I was trying to make it sound like.

I am saying that they dont use 3928473274piston calipers, or even Brembos, and they are using a stock diameter rotor. Its also not a slotted, drilled or dimpled rotor. The calipers, are bone stock. The rotors, I dont know what brand they use, most likely OEM, as like I said, they are stock size, and not drilled or anything like that.

I would have to look the group-N rules again but I am fairly certain that the only thing they can change are the pads and fluid, and they remove the brake booster. So yes, they are flying through the woods on essentially stock brakes.

But if you think Group-N cars are doing 120mph through the woods, you already dont know enough about rally to be arguing this point. WRC cars rarely see 120mph through the woods.


There ya go, that is what is on the Group-N STI rally car, in race form, this is what is on the car as they are flying through the woods. Part numbers and everything. It says MY05, but its the same as what is there now.

Here, want to buy a full factory prepped Group-N car? Its what Pastrana drives in rally america

Look in through those wheels and tell me what you see.

Flatirons would know more specifics on the Group-N cars. But I assure you that the brakes are closer to stock than you are thinking.

All the above goes out the window on their tarmac setup, which uses the brembos. I did see an STI tarmac car running I think it was AP calipers once though.
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