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Was going to wait a while to resolve an issue before I posted.. But I went a full business day without any sort of acknowledgement to a question and previous email from last week. Not mentioning any names as it wouldn't serve much purpose. Well, here goes..

Review #1
I have known about THmotorsports for quite some time. They used to be sponsors over at and I remember them off of They've served the Honda scene for ages. I had a couple of small orders and I remember those going okay. When I saw they had signed up as a vendor on NASIOC I thought to myself "Cool! I remember those guys." Didn't have anything for them at the time but kept them in mind in case anything came up.

Well, fast forward to Jan of this year and I figured it was time for a clutch job. I picked up a BNIB clutch off the FS threads. Took a look around the forum vendors for a lightweight flywheel. Just happened to browse the THmotorsports site and noticed they had good pricing on a Competition Clutch Flywheel. Threw in a Goodrich stainless steel clutch line while I was there. Browsed, added to cart, created account. Easy, quick transaction, paid over paypal.

Received all the usual emails. Waited a couple of days and had not received any notification of shipping. Got the order email, got the paypal notification, got an invoice from the ordering folks. Nothing about the item being in stock or that it shipped. I send an email about status on the order. Wasn't pushy, just wondering if it was in stock, time to ship, etc. A short while later I get a couple of automated emails with shipping info. Take a look at tracking number and was a little surprised - it had shipped a day earlier! Was pleasantly surprised to find out it was already half way to my door. Still thought it was a little weird they hadn't sent a "heads up" that it had shipped.

Received the items pretty quickly. Opened the shipping box up, inspected the part numbers on the items to verify they matched up with the order. Everything looked copacetic. Set my appointment up with the shop advising of a clutch, flywheel and clutch line install. They're pretty busy and so am I so it took about a week and a half to finally make it there.

Get to the shop to drop the car off. Had setup a drop off as soon as they opened. Gave them the keys and parts get ready to walk out and wait for my ride. (Mind you, shop is a considerable distance away and I had a coworker picking me up.) Before I could leave they pull me back in, show me the flywheel inside the box - it's the completely wrong part. They've installed a number of STI flywheels and off the bat he said it was the wrong part. Flywheel part # - 2-721-ST, what was delivered inside the box was not that flywheel.

Here's the STI OEM flywheel:

Here's what was in the box:

pic from rallysportdirect:

It's pretty obvious that what was in the box is incompatible. Extremely aggravating considering: 1.) I have a coworker giving me a ride to the office, 2.) this is a daily driver, 3.) the transmission is already apart and if I were to be able to get TH to overnight another flywheel I doubt it would have gotten here before the weekend. I made a calculated decision to resurface the OEM flywheel and work on getting an RMA for the wrong part. I figured the labor cost is sunk. TH isn't paying for the install and I'm too busy with work. I will avoid trying to get a replacement/open up the transmission again.

Contact the orders department requesting an RMA. I sent them an email IMMEDIATELY, roughly 10AM PST. A person responded within about half an hour acknowledging the request (~10:30AM PST) and requested pictures of the part. I sent them a couple pictures of the wrong flywheel as well as the OEM flywheel at roughly 12 noon (needed to pull the OE flywheel out).

Apparently that's where things have fallen apart. It appears as though the guy has the capacity to send one email per day. The following day after I sent the pics of the part, he says "it looks like this order is for brake lines, can you tell me when the order was placed?" WTF? Brake lines? How the hell did the order number in the subject line get translated to brake lines? I sent him the actual invoice from THmotorsports which has date, time, customer info, part #s. That was last Friday 2/27 at 10AM PST. I checked in with TH this morning. I have yet to hear back.

I'm more annoyed than angry. Frustrated that I lost time at work, that if I wanted to actually go the lightweight flywheel route that it means more labor costs. Even more frustrating - that I have to take the time to deal with this RMA and THM is taking their time. I'll wait a few more days and if no response I'll probably file a paypal dispute.

Review #2
Given the history of THM that I had previously experienced and the flywheel issue hadn't come up yet.. I kept browsing the thmotorsports website. At the same time I was checking the nasioc vendor forums. I noticed an posting they had for Fortune coilovers. I checked the site and noticed they did not list FA under their coilovers category. I thought that odd and sent an email asking about FA and an exterior part. Not long after I receive a response - "Due to the custom nature we do not have them listed. Please give me a call to discuss. Plus I can give you a better deal over the phone."

Having worked with plenty of sales people, I know what that translates to in plain english. From the stereotypical sales guy it means: 1.) I read the first sentence of your email, don't care about what you said and don't have time for your internet shopping. 2.) I don't want to give you anything so my quote can be used for a price match.

So I try calling in... Phone tree is a little weird. It doesn't inform you that you're allowed to dial directly by extension. So I play the phone tree game. I listen to the phone tree, try and hit "other" to hopefully dial by extension and get placed in some queue which I believe was for customer service. I waited around for probably 3-4 minutes before giving up and dialing in again. This time I hit the sales/orders tree and the guy answering gets snippy after I asked for someone by name. He transfers me over and there I am again waiting for a couple of minutes before my phone accidentally drops the call.

Frustrated, I give up for a couple of hours. Head into work and whatnot. Around lunch time I start browsing the site and noticed a couple of other sets of coilovers I might be interested in. I manage to call in and speak with the person who answered my email. We talk a bit about FA, gives me the rundown that all of the vendor pages have. Chinese parts assembled in USA, etc. The killer deal price is basically $25 less than advertised on the dozens of vendors we have here selling FA. Hardly worth my time. I asked about another set of coilovers (mind you, it's a $2000 set) and immediately get a "Well, I don't know about those but, to be honest they're junk. You should get Fortune yadda-yadda..."

Really? Junk but you don't know anything about them? I half-asked about a 3rd set and heard something similar, still emphasizing Fortune. Again, having worked with sales, I took it as a hint that he prefers the margin/commission on that part. Briefly asked about details on an exterior part and got a "the website has pretty much everything I'll be able to get." Thanked him for his time and wrapped up the call.

I have to say, ignoring the price, top to bottom a complete disappointment.

Customer Service - 1/10
Returns - 1/10
Order communication - 3/10
Sales - 1/10
Website navigation - 6/10 (Convoluted layout. Have to browse multiple "click here for prices" sometimes even if car is selected)
Price - 8/10
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