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Originally Posted by RastaMon View Post

What difference does it make?

If someone wants BTC I'll pay with that.
If someone wants dollars I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants rubles I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants yen I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants Red Lobster gift cards I'll pay with that.

See how this works?
Probably better than you do.

What do all those things you listed have in common that BTC doesn't?


People know that $1 today will be worth roughly $1 tomorrow, and pretty close to $1 a year from now. Even the ****ty Red Lobster gift card will hold it's "value" ( ) for a set amount of time.

But with a BTC it could be worth $2 tomorrow and $20 a year from now, or $0.20 who knows? Why would I give a coffee shop $5 worth of BTC today if I know that they'll be worth $10 tomorrow? It's the same reason why I wouldn't pay for my coffee with Stocks, or precious metals, or real estate, or any other form of investment.

Spoken like a true hater with 0 BTC to his name, or someone with a hard on for authoritarian governments who crack down on free association.
I'm sorry your religious zeal in BTC can't stand up to criticism, but no, I don't hate BTC (although you're right that I don't have any) and I have no love for authoritarianism, I simply have enough common sense to see through your libertarian fantasies.

Really though you're just mad you didn't buy any when it was super cheap.
If you say so.

Bitcoin isn't about "making money," it's about making traditional banking irrelevant,

Maybe to you it is, but from the posts I see here and in the other thread it seems to be 98% fixated on making a quick buck, not tearing down the system.

...and all other associated centralized institutions (the Fed etc...). You know, those guys who blew up the financial system and made tons of Americans homeless, then forced those same Americans to give them trillions of dollars for the service. Yeah, it's about eliminating that parasitic grift from society with simple technology.
Ahh yes, and now we get to the heart of it. Your delusional love of the "good old days" of the gold standard, boom bust cycles, and robber barons.

Sorry, but the Fed didn't cause the recession, and even if it had then it's a small price to pay for an otherwise relatively stable currency. Aside from your raving band of Rand Paul nuthuggers, people want fiat currency because they want $1 today to be $1 tomorrow.

What's truly funny is how those very same toxic institutions are attempting to ban cash now. So which would you rather use if they're both just ones and zeroes, a centralized system where a select few oligarchs issue and control the ones and zeroes, manipulating it at their will and for their own personal profit? Or would you rather use a 100% voluntary and decentralized form of currency that's not controlled by a few oligarchs?

The rich will control things no matter what system you use. Being uncontrolled makes things worse not better for the small players. Right now even the richest person in the world would have trouble seriously changing the value of the dollar. But if they guy with the most BTC (do you even know who that is?) decides to dump his whole hoard and crash the market and then buy back in while it's depressed... well, nothing stopping him from doing that right?

No matter how little control "we" have over the Fed, it's more than we'd have in your libertarian fantasy world where the only power lies in money.
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