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I think I paid $33k for my 2017 F150 XLT Super crew cab with the 2.7lt eco boost, sport package, 302a, trailer package, and had the seats reupholstered in the cat skinz leather (amazing leather btw). Only issue Iíve had so far is within the first 1500 miles or so, the vacuum hose going to the waste gate exploded. Apparently this was an issue and a TSB was issued, had the car back same day I dropped it off.

Truck now has 46,000 and it just barely started to do the white smoke on startup due to carbon buildup on the valves. Thankfully I bought the extended warranty as Iím sure they will either replace or rebuild the head sooner rather than later. If it wasnít for my job, Iíd probably consider a ridgeline. My bed is scratched to **** (not lined) from all the stuff Iíve thrown back there. Winter time I can average 24 miles on the freeway and get about 20 or so in city. Pretty impressed with that.
I paid 33k on the Ridgeline I just bought, the RTL-AWD trim as I wanted to skip the nannies and have the ability to gut the headunit and audio system, etc. It's going into the shop next week for Pioneer wireless CarPlay, 5 channel amp, speakers/sub replacement and an alarm/remote start even though it's remote start from the factory but I can't do that a mile or more away. Afternarket I can manage from anywhere in the world, handy for a break in attempt while on vacation. So 33k for a F150 is a damn good deal. I looked at used versions of the truck and it holds value well so for me it was no good buying used seeing that the 2019 RTL trim got the moonroof and powered rear sliding glass and the 2017/2018 did not so it was a no brainer. I had my sampling of Ford's dealer network so I get it. I would have one too if it was a work vehicle. Once it's all your own dime, the RL makes much more sense unless you need heavy towing capability. There is only one truck on the market that actually handles well. Did not want to buy yet but 2020 has ADAS standard and would prevent my aftermarket plans.
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