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Default Misfires on all cylinders, plus p0102 & p0113 codes

Hey guys, I am new to the forums although I have been searching on nasioc many times in the past, I hope I am posting this in the correct spot. I have searched around similar posts but have not yet came across anything yet like the issue I have run into, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

About a week ago I started getting a misfire on cylinder 3, throwing a code p0303. The car was running terrible to the point where it was not able to be driven, and the idle was very rough. Shortly afterwards, I tried to start the car up again and at first was idling fine, but did the same thing. Only this time throwing codes p0102 (mass or volume air flow circuit low input) and p0113 (Intake air temp circuit high input). So I have tried checking electrical connections to the maf sensor and everything appeared to be plugged in and secure with no bent pins, and I removed the maf as well and the little sensors inside did not seem to be dirty either, they were still white. I also cleaned the air filter because it was very dirty and why not.

After changing the spark plugs (which needed to be done anyways and were sitting around the house) and inspecting the ignition coils/coil packs which appeared normal, she started right up like normal. But yet again the misfires returned, yet this time throwing codes for misfires on all cylinders p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304.

Any insight on what to look into next would be great, I would think the misfires have to be related to the p0102 and p0113 codes, I am just currently at a loss where the issue is coming from.

Car: 2011 WRX sedan with 115,000 miles

- Cobb accessport v3 on the stage 1+ sf 91 octane tune
- Cobb SF short ram intake
- Nameless performance axle back exhaust
*All mods have been on the car for the past 3 years with no issues prior*
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