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Originally Posted by stevebennett
A 2.5 would be a great way to go, especially with new pistons, but it in no way is cheap according to most people's definition of cheap. If you said limited funds, its probably not your style. To match up the heads, you will probably just need to do a bit of resurfacing to match better, about $120. If you went for a rebuild with pistons, it'd be $2k in labor, $2350 in parts. Roughly.
Without forged pistons you would expect about $1700 for the parts, and $1800 for labor. You'd need new gaskets though and any builder would probalby recommend APR head bolts for $220.

I'm inferring these numbers off of my receipts in case you were wondering where they came from.
I think if you wanted to go really cheap, of course you could buy a used ej205 shortblock, but why? You'd have no idea what you'd get and run the risk if doing the same thing you did again. If its cheaper and feasible to rebuild the internals on yours, do that. I have no idea what that costs, just thought I could give you numbers on the 2.5 USDM STi block with WRX heads
Originally Posted by norexyet
People are having pretty good results using sti block with the wrx heads. You keep your wrx ecu. Everything bolts up to it. The stock turbo is gonna be exhausted with the extra half liter displacement so maybe you should think about going cobb stage 2.5. Your compression is gonna be slightly higher using the wrx heads, but you could fix that with your headgasket thickness. I think the 2.5l is the way to go, maybe if you have some extra cash drop a set of mahle pistons in it and you have yourself an extremely strong motor. Keeps us updated and good luck .
I completely agree with these two comments. We have done more 2.5L SBs w/ WRX heads in the last few months than I can count off the top of head. These motors make loads of torque and the WRX heads are fine with this SB. If you can afford it, this is definitely the way to go. The price of a 2.5L SB is very close to the price of a 2.0L SB. The numbers that we see from this hybrid combo are very close to the USDM motor numbers; most of the difference is in midrange torque (because of the STi's AVCS heads).

Also, I think our stage 1 2.5L SB is an excellent value. While a brand new 2.5SB is about $1700 our stage is $2599 but you get Wiseco forged pistons, race bearings, and balancing to within 1 gram (JDM STi motors are balanced to within 7 grams). The pistons and bearings are utilized because 90% of blown STi motors that we see have problems with one of those two parts. If you were thinking about doing pistons anyways ($500 for pistons, $300 for intstall), then an extra $100 for bearings and balancing is a serious basement bargain. This is essentially a bulletproof 2.5L shortblock for anything up to 535CHP (more than a Green, 20G, or GT30R (on pump gas) can throw at it).


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