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Originally Posted by ben_7 View Post
What I mean is, are the 2018 STi motors also susceptible to engine failure for the same reason as the 2017 STi motors?
Well, the specific class action lawsuit has to do with the connecting rods, and as far as I know there hasn't been any changes to those. I think there's another class action for the ringlands, but I'm not sure.

The 2018 RA and the 2019 STI do have 'upgraded' pistons... which seem to address another issue (ie the ringland failures), but there's been very little feedback on whether they will or will not suffer the same issues. I don't even know if the issue is as prevalent (in 100% stock cars) as it is made out to be.

What I'm saying is...
Are you planning to modify the car? if not, then don't worry because from what Subaru has been doing (even with the CVT transmissions) is that if the problems do persist, they include the newer years as their factory warranties run out. And even if the problems don't persist... they seem to just keep issuing the warranty extensions. Plus Subaru (at least here in Canada) are not bad with warranty. They deny modified cars, but if your claim is reasonable, then they typically help with no issues.

Another option if you do not want to modify the car is to just get an extended warranty directly from Subaru. If your car is still under factory, you can get an extended for reasonably cheap. Some people say they are worthless. Some praise the lawd when their engine pops and they still have warranty.

If you are planning to modify... then just know that you have to be VERY careful no matter which model yr you have. There's lots of examples of people successfully modifying even the older ones; and examples of people wrecking the RA and maybe even 2019.

Most people go with a "reputable tuner" and expect (and assume) they have a PERFECT tune... that's crazy. And others run an OTS but don't follow the map notes to the dot. That's bad.

In my case, if mine fails and doesn't get covered under warranty, I'll put in a built block. So while I'm doing everything in my power to not wreck the car; if it does, I'm ok with the $6k or whatever to deal with it. And I dont even bother constantly reading my AP and so on. I monitor or tke a log every once in a while just to give it a quick check, but mostly keep it stored away. I don't want that stress in my life. That's why I prefer conservative tunes and safe routes rather than trying to extract the most power.

One thing is certain: out of 10 STI or EJ WRX I see for sale, easily about 7/10 are on their 2nd engine. BUT 9/10 have been modified
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