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Hey guys just got my engine into my 92 loyale about 3 weeks ago just picked up a new radiator and this last weekend I started to hear a clunk when turning it was a clunk and some clicking it's a good thing I checked it instead of writing it off as a cv joint because the ball joint failed it didn't completely come out but it came close so as I cleared out my garage and tomorrow I'll be firing up the kerosene heater and go to town on it I already got my new ball joint I've been spraying the pinch bolt the past few days the only thing that sucks is I live an hour away from where I'm able to work on it and the temps here in South Dakota are getting down there right now it's just above 7 degrees the car anyway has 167k the engine I used tho has 269k did the timing belts on it when I got that car for free but rust got to it and the struts went into the trunk well they were stopped from going full in by the back portion of the rear seats the car I have now is a wagon and a 02 forester which is my wife's were getting ready for income tax time as we're going to be moving out by Yakima valley in Washington i don't usually post stuff but I've been into subarus for a few years now and We just can't see ourselves getting any other cars when I first made a post on this site I had a 98 forester that came from the south that thing saved my life but it took its own there was a car accident that happened right in front of me I tried to get out of the way but the rear got clipped and sent me into a spin and flipped the forester it rolled about 7 times I didn't get a scratch and was going 65 when it happened anyway once we get to Washington I'm going to find either an ea81 or do a ej swap I was thinking ej18 with a turbo setup just for fun can't go wrong either way lol
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