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Default My Swap: 1999RS to 2002WRX. Complete Wiring Guide Inside

Note, if you can't see any of the pictures it's because Photobucket decided to be greedy f'ers. If you're on Chrome install the following extension and all pictures will work for free!


Finished doing a WRX conversion on my car. I say conversion and not swap because literally every single part that was on the WRX that could fit on the RS is on there now. This swap was done by my brother and I. At the time we were 23 and 21 respectively (shows that anyone can do a swap). This past January (2007) a guy my brother knew bought this rolled over WRX for a really good price. It was running and driving. Most of the stuff wrong was only cosmetic damage. Since the opportunity came up to do an engine swap I bought pretty much everything that I needed for the swap. Straight from the radiator to the exhaust and everything in between. I bought the full drive train, suspension, wiring and the front & rear seats. I documented every single step of the way from all of the mechanical to every wire I spliced needed to run the car. There are over 500+ pictures in this thread. The swap was not ďdifficultĒ at all. It was lengthy yes, but it wasnít hard. For just the motor it took us about 2 Ĺ weeks INCLUDING the wiring. For the full drive train, suspension, and many extras it took about 5 weeks from the time I drove my RS powered RS into the shop, to the time I drove my WRX powered RS out of the shop (be it with no hood but thatís not the point). The pictures arenít saved in order on my Photobucket account so if Iím talking about one thing in a picture and then jump to something else thatís why. Also as a warning this thread is mainly pictures with a brief description of the part being installed or the point I want to get across with the picture. The longest paragraph is this one and the wiring paragraph.


The pictures:

The rolled 2002 WRX:

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