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March 14, 2013

What's being installed: Greddy SP Elite Catback and Torque Performance Bushings

Mileage: 5,028

One of the first major mods I wanted to get done was getting that great subaru rumble. The stock exhaust was just way too quiet for me. It simply just didn't sing. All you could hear was motor (which is not always a bad thing), but it needed to be filled out throughout the whole car. Adding an exhaust was at the top of my list to get done. I searched and searched on tons of different setups. I wanted something that gave the car a little more umph, but wasn't overly loud and obnoxious. Keeping it civil and streetable is my main goal here.

I decided to go with the Greddy SP Elite based on the reviews and feedback I got. It seemed to fit the bill perfectly as it was something that car the car a great subaru sound, but most importantly... no drone. I put out a WTB thread and within 1 day, I had a vendor PM me saying they had one in stock. Built Industries gave me a fantastic price on a brand new catback with torque performance bushings. I couldn't say no, so I placed my order the same day and had the exhaust to me within 3 days of placing the order! I dealt with Mike and Jason and they were fantastic through the whole process. Informative and to the point. Always kept me up to date on the status of my order and even gave me tons of compliments for ordering such a nice piece. Thanks again to the guys at Built Industries!

Overall apperance/look: The exhaust is very, very well made. I come from a background with someone who has done a ton of exhaust work. Different brands, different cars, different sounds... I've done it all so I have seen my fair share of quality and shotty work. Greddy definitely did not disappoint. Their welds, and overall look of this exhaust was spectacular. My favorite part about this piece is the tips. They are MASSIVE. 4 Inches to be exact! The stock exhaust has some puny tips on there, so I knew these would fill out the rear perfectly.

Fitment: I would give a 7/10 (10 being oem). Bolted up fairly easily, but there were some small annoyance that the system had.

1. The front hanger brackets are WAY too close to the exhaust tips. It made getting the bushings on there close to impossible. I had to use a ton of lube (ha ha) and even had to grind down on side of the bushing a bit to get it to slide on.

2. Driver side tips stick out a bit further than the passenger side but a good 1/4 inch. I made sure I kept everything loose before I did the final tightening of all the bolts.

3. The stock spring bolts connection to the down pipe needed a bit of muscle to get the nut threaded on at first. Ended up using a clamp to compress the spring and get the nuts on. This is will change when I add a catted DP down the road, so no biggie.

4. Connection from the muffler to the s pipe took a bit of muscle to line up. Nothing back breaking, but I needed a second set of hands to help me with that part to line it up. Lucky, I had my buddy there with me helping me out.

Yes, these are small "issues", but I am picky so I figured I would point them out. However, I must say the exhaust tucks up very nicely and looks beautiful from the rear.

Sound: Perfection. For someone looking for a nice deep rumble without being an overly obnoxious sound, this is definitely it. Absolutely no drone at any RPM, which I was ecstatic about. Sounds beautiful at WOT and has a nice "bum bum bum" subaru rumble at idle. I am sure adding a DP will only make this sound even better.

Overall thoughts: I really couldn't be more pleased with my choice. I got a great sounding catback that gave me everything I wanted. Little bit higher priced than some competitors, but I think it's worth it. Those 4 inch tips are absolutely killer. I was very nervous about added drone that would come along with an aftermarket exhaust, but I was surprised to hear absolutely none. I specifically tried to get it to drone on the way home and I couldn't for the life of me. Got on it on the way home and it has a beautiful note at WOT. Rowing through the gears is a treat as the system really gives you some great feedback. Two thumbs up for Greddy and Built Industries!!

Video to come...
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