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Originally Posted by geeman789 View Post
The poster has taken a sample of their oil, and sent it in to be analyzed.

The chart shows the results.

Engines are made of various kinds of metals. Iron cams, bearings of various alloys, copper oil coolers etc. If the oil is doing it's job , very little of these metals should be found in the oil. There will always be some... these measurements are typically in parts per million. You want to run analysis back to back to back to see of there is a trend... if something is creeping up or spikes, that might be a problem...

Also notice that phosphorous, calcium and zinc are very high. These are anti- wear ingredients in the oil, and are really for info purposes only, or comparison between oils...

Also shown are viscosity, fuel , TBN (total base number...) etc.

These show how the oil is doing. In this case, the viscosity of the factory fill 30 grade oil has dropped from a normal 9 to 12 cSt ( a measure of thickness) all the way into the sevens ( mid-range for a 20 grade) The oil has thinned substantially. Is that a problem...? Maybe, maybe not, but it would be preferable to see little or no drop. Fuel % shows if fuel is in oil. Less is better. Lots of idling, especially in winter, or direct injection cars, or overly rich fuel maps may show higher levels. Fuel will also thin out the oil.

TBN is a measure of how resistant to acidity the oil is. Combustion by-products, and water can create acidic substances in the oil, which will corrode the engine internally. If TBN is below 1 , the oil is used up in regards to acidity protection. M1 0w40, for example, starts up at around 11, I believe. This is one of the key factors in how long an oil can be used.

So, you are looking at a VERY basic snapshot of engine, and more specifically, oil condition.

This is a simplified explanation, but you get the basic picture...

Sir. If this was reddit, I would give you gold.

Thanks for the time and effort to type that out.

Learned a lot.
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