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Default NASIOC Buying Program - Liberty Subaru - All models

My name is Dan Meola. I am a sales manager here at Liberty Subaru. I have been a member on NASIOC for a little over 10 years now and have seen the passion and love that you all have for this brand. Just like you, I am a car enthusiast. I love all makes and models, but my true love and passion resides with Subaru- obviously. I am truly fortunate to work for such a great brand that I love and stand behind.

I want to share the love with all of you now…. Pun intended

Here is my offer, EXCLUSIVE TO NASIOC!

Due to NJ state legalities I cannot reference specifics of invoice or how far below/above one may be, for this information you must message me privately. However, If and when any of you purchase a vehicle from me, through this program, you are more than welcome to post that information on the forum!

NASIOC Employee Price Program
  • You will get ANY car at the price our employees (including myself) would pay. At this price, you are heavily below what any dealer or third party program may provide.
  • You will get a discount on vehicle accessories. The discount price will range anywhere between 15% and 20%. I will not charge labor for install on these items either.
  • You will get above book value on your trade in. This is contingent on condition of your vehicle. If the vehicle is up to par as far as Carfax, paint, maintenance, tires, ding/dents, check engine lights, modifications, etc… I will do everything in my power to give you above what book value on the car is. I use GALVES to figure what my vehicle trade in values are.

For a dealer to beat these prices, they would have to take a loss on the new car. That is how little I am leaving on the table. So, this should be an unbeatable price, one would think…. Well, if you get a legitimate price lower than mine, from any dealer in the area, I will beat it by $400. I am determined to do what ever is needed to ensure this program works for everyone!


This applies for all new vehicles!. The only models this would not apply to are limited production models such as the STI RA/Blue series/Yellow series etc…

How to get started:

Contact me via private message with all of your information and vehicle desired.
If you have a vehicle you would like to trade, please send a vehicle identification number(VIN), mileage and current condition (anything noteworthy, as mentioned in the above program description).

I will update this thread as time progresses.
But I am also here for any of you as a source of information or help.
If any of you have questions about ANYTHING pertaining to my profession or something specific to Subaru I am here to help.

CURRENT UPDATE: January 2020!!

■ Low financing on all models.
■ Ascent - .90% up to 48 months - 1.90% up to 60 months - 2.90% up to 72 months
■ BRZ - 2.90% up to 48 months - 3.29% up to 60 months - 3.49% up to 72 months
■ Crosstrek - 3.49% up to 72 months
■ Forester - 2.90% up to 48 months - 3.29% up to 60 months - 3.49% up to 72 months
■ Impreza - 1.90% up to 48 months - 2.90% up to 72 months
■ Legacy - 2.90% up to 48 months - 3.29% up to 60 months - 3.49% up to 72 months
■ WRX/STI - 2.90% up to 48 months - 3.29% up to 60 months -3.49% up to 72 months

■ All 2020 models are available on the lot!

Contact me for more information.
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