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The multiplication factor is actually 1.6 on the 10D and the Digital rebel (not that it makes much of a difference on such a short lens). I don't know about the others, but I doubt that it is different.

also the ONLY part of a 10D that the DRebel has is the CMOS sensor. everything else that counts is differant and the 20D shares NO parts with a 10D & the only part is shares with a DRebel is the onboard flash.

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Because sales guys know everything right?

THey share the sensor and electronic hardware and a large part of the programming. I haven't taken it apart, but I imagine that it is an integrated board, and exactly the same since it actually coasts less to have them all the same than make 2 different ones for 2 different cameras.

None the less, due to the shared circuitry and programming (weather or not it is EXACTLY the smae as I would guess it is), there are numerous hacks that will allow the Digital Rebel to utilize almost all of the 10D's software "upgrades" such as faster ISO, flash exposure compensation ect. that someone would pay alot more for with no other real advantages, other than a warrenty. Which expires rather soon as with all electronics.

Of course you can just reload the factory programming if you had a problem, and return for warrenty, but that is a moral and ethical issue.

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