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Originally Posted by Section 8
Speed and burst rate are nice, but $500.00 no thanks. Magnesium body will not help you get better pictures, just rolls off the tongue nicly. Buffer size/speed is nice, but won't sell as many cameras as the FEC.
Well, the difference in the 10d and the 300d (digirebel) might not have been worth the $500 to some, but considering the 20d is almost the same price difference (not counting rebates on the rebel), and has a much bigger buffer (what is it, like 5fps with 20-25pictures in the buffer?), less noise on the higher ISO settings, better AF, 8 megapixel, blah blah blah... it kinda really pushes to getting the 20d now. (or the patient may wait for the updated rebel that will probably be based off the 20). Either way, (digi) camera bodies are just like computers now in regards to life cycle.

Which somewhat goes back to my one point about lens flexibility... With the bodies getting higher res sensors all the time, it's very well a possibility that we may be seeing more digital bodies that will be closer to full frame (1.3x is the talk on dpreview apparently)... but then again, who knows, after all, canon came out with this specific mount (ef-s), so they could be keeping full-frame only for the professional (1Ds) bodies.

(i might be willing to sell my digi-rebel w/ kit lens if anyone is interested... i am rather tempted to move up to the 20d)
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