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Originally Posted by Mr_Hox View Post
That looks fantastic Daniel! Basically perfect…

Can’t wait to see it in person. (Maybe next Tuesday?)
Probably. I think a little mongolian or blazin onion burger are calling my name. Ill text ya bud!
Originally Posted by elwray View Post
Looks awesome!

It's a very smooth finish -- no sanding? Cool!

Extra THANKS for the color code too, maybe I can ask them at Michaels since they don't have it around here/don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I like the results from the Krylon better than the Testor's.

How long ago did you do this? Are you waxing the paint on the lights or leaving it as is?

And those shiny UR flaps are growing on me... looks great!!

I've heard good things about the VHT nightshades. It was very very popular on the honda/acura boards I was on before this.. I've since grown wiser and traded up to a WRX
1. Very smooth surface. I didnt wetsand or anything. Just cleaned very good and painted them
2. Did this the same day I posted the DIY up. being in Washington, we have very severe weather so ill keep you guys posted via this thread or PM. I am gonna be washing my car probably this week sometime.
3. For sure, the UR mudflaps not only look amazing but they perform amazing as well. I LOVED them on my 2005 and love them even more on my 09
Originally Posted by BuggeyEYED View Post
did you clear over the red only or did you take the tape off and clear the entire light?
looks great BTW, they should have really came like this already.
I left the tape on their until everything was totally dry. Since the lights are plastic and not painted, it would really make any sense to clear coat that portion of things. But to answer your question though no I didnt clear that part only the red part. And thanks man, I really hope people enjoy the mod. Best 9.99 you can spend towards your car.

Originally Posted by sea-sube View Post
great write up HKS - much appreciated. I still can't decide whether to go vinyl or paint on my 09 OBS. The one thing I've noticed from pics is it seems that when they've been painted they look darker (even with 2 coats) than red vinyl. I like the brighter red myself. Has anyone been able to compare side by side tails that have been painted with someone who's used vinyl?
I say go with the paint. its cheaper, more effective and when it starts to wear, you can re do it in no time at all. The vinyl is harder to apply, takes more time and effort and its way more expensive. When I applied the first coat of paint, the tail lights looked exactly like the red tint overlays. I wanted to paint another coat to get it darker and to keep the paint protected a little better.

Originally Posted by cmiller219 View Post
"Patent Pending" lol this is a sick job man very well done.
AHhaha for sure. I already have people in my state PM'ing me to help em out and stuff

Originally Posted by Dan07WRX View Post
I just did this today thanks to this write-up! I will post pics tomorrow. I did it late afternoon and was dark by the time i put them on the car.
Originally Posted by againstdan View Post
amazingly well done! i think it improves the look of the car sooo much and it is very cost effective. amazing job +1 !

The pix turned out great. Glad I could help you out man.
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