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Originally Posted by Mr645 View Post
You wont get 87 up to 93 with any additive. Other then a slight loss of milage, there really is not big issue with 93 that has "Up to 10% Ethanol". The main thing to watch for is the issue that Ethanol absorbs water from the air, and fuel guidelines give E10 blended fuels a 4 week lifespan from when the fuel is delivered to the gas station. Most people will tell you that the 4 weeks is conservative. I have had the stuff sit in my bike for 10 weeks in humid south Florida and had no issues. But also down here, most car dealers will tell you about customers that come back from spending the summer up North and find that their cars don;t run right and the injectors are plugged up and the fuel is no good after 6 months at the "summer home".
Here in fl in just a few weeks of sitting I have ha fuel injector issues on brand new gixxers running 93
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