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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Your plan is exactly what I would do. It's even possible with a wrecked WRX that you can start the car. With the wrecked donor car, you know that every part you need will be there. Down to simply transplanting the entire wiring harness (I've done this, and it makes life so finish, put in a battery and the car starts).

On the pictures, you need to put your pictures into the nasioc hosting page first. Make an account on with your username. Then at the bottom of the picture, scroll through the codes to the BB code. Hit copy and ctl-V here.

Yeah I've only been looking at starting and driveable cars, I want to be sure I can get a decent drive train as well to swap over. Can't think of an easier way to swap

Thanks for the tip i will work on that.

Originally Posted by thatgarrett View Post
Id get a donor, that way you would have everything you need and use it as a guide to see how it will all fit together in yours. Might want to get the engine looked over/refreshed if you go that route, which could add some cost but that seems to be the easiest if youre doing it yourself. Ive not done a swap, just some research so YMMV and Id definitely take the advice of someone who has already done it successfully first!

Agreed on this, internals will already be designed for boost. Looking for one with zero to little mods hoping that they weren't beat to hell. I will definitely check compression while I have the donor motor out, inspect oil, coolant etc. I will also take care of the head gaskets while out and timing overhaul to make life easier, not knowing its history. I think as long as I stick with the 06-07 I should have zero fitment issues and I'm hoping someone on here has done this exact swap with a bit of knowledge and advice.

Most of the time when I look a swap up, everyone is just jumping in to try and stop the individual instead of offering them advice on how to achieve what they are wanting to do. I read about some of the craziest swaps sometimes, and know anything can be done, so this should be a piece of cake. And considering this car has paid itself over and over again, dropping $2-$3k into it is nothing. I cant buy what I want for that, even if I sold it and added the money to the pile.

I will keep looking into this and taking in all the advice and info I can, I will keep it documented and publish it here.
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