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Originally Posted by A W

Okay so in your case you just don't ever think about your car getting totaled and plan or think about what you would do if it was totaled. That's totally normal for most people who don't plan out what to do, don't care to, don't have to, don't want to, are too lazy to, etc.

Some people actually plan out how their days go if that's even harder to believe. I'm pretty sure middle schoolers use these things called planners to keep track of when homework is due and such. I hear it's an extraordinary and useful tool to plan out things. I used one when I was in middle school and it was very easy to use.
And how do you plan for having a car get totaled? You magically wait until the next model year comes out each time? You argued that ANYONE who purchased the last model year of a car didn't plan correctly. That's a false statement. You can have money put back, and have insurance and for whatever reason you keep an extra car at home just in case. That's the most you can plan for a car getting totaled. But what happens if your family hauler is the one that gets crunched? Do you make sure your extra vehicle sitting at home is a family hauler? Probably not. It's not about being lazy, it's about realizing that planning cannot foresee every single event.

Cute, you can use a planner. Do you have "car will be totaled" pencilled in on Wednesday?
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