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very well phrased and detailed review but i couldnt disagree more wiht most of it, PLEASE TELL ME YOURE JOKING...

I had a B200 Turbo for a day, and i was extremely disappointed. I really felt like i was driving a Suzuki. At low speed you think youre fine, but as soon as you press the pedal the engine sounds rough, put it through a corner and the car leans like the tower of pizza. I was expecting alot more pep too, not to mention that it feels like the steering wheel is not connected to anything.
If it was priced at 18-24 maaaybeee i would say its worth it. I really thought it was a pile of crap, and perhaps if i only drove it for 20 mins, i might not have hated it so much, but by the end of the day i was ready to let it go.

There were a couple plus points for me, like interior room, its quite unbelievable how small the car is on the outside andhow big the inside is. Quality of materials were good, nice leather/plastics etc.
only at low speeds did it feel comfortable like a MB should.

i drove the B200 again at the MB test drive event and i felt the same, crappy. the ML500 on the other hand, i was very very impressed with.
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