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Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post
if you guys really knew anything about exhaust flow and the fluid dynamics of the would know that what you now think is true...really isnt...true..about optimum exhaust pipe least for stock location iwg turbos anyway

this whole fantasy about a 'bottleneck' in the exhaust is

actually....REDUCING the diameter of the midpipe between the end of the dp and the beginning of the axleback from 3' to 2.5"(all of the tbe really all needs to be either coated or wrapped all the way back to the muffler can to work properly.....but kiddie boiz dont know anything about thermodynamics or any of all this kinna un k00 stuff cuz it aint k00) creates INCREASED flow as the exhaust gas cools and contracts and slows down in the pipe....but this only really works if you use a straight through design muffler....but decreasing the pipe size actually CAN increase flow....a LOT...if it is done coated and wrapped
but it aint a 3" pipe so it aint k00 and its wrong because it cant be right because math and all that junk

but what do i know about anything, anyway

wives tales and 'common sense' that is just faulty logic is the rule here......but actually knowing stuff aint k00

oh well....keep on keepin on.........
Maybe you should go back and re-read my post before you start flinging insults again.... We both stated that the STI catback won't have much of an effect on power (gain/loss) for stock or near stock sized turbos.
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