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Originally Posted by skubie76 View Post
I've got an idea....if you don't like a thread don't read it. Ironically enough your b****ing is just adding to this thread. It's like saying, man this burger tastes horrible and then still eating it. Get over yourself people, it's a forum for talking about things. It's not like a tree dies everytime someone makes a new post. It's can handle it!! Let people be excited about stuff, I think this site has too many trolls on it!!!
You know what you are? An enabler who by defending the OP are indirectly contributing to the decline of this site usefulness. Crap threads like this just clutter this site making it increasingly more difficult for those members who actually want to find information. It's gotten to the point that the mods can't keep up and close threads fast enough. I was guilty of this myself until I actually read the stickies on the rules of this site.

The op created this thread when there is already an amazing thread by Gro Harlem where he could have posted this and contributing positively.

It's a redesign model year mostly everyone is excited, the new WRX & STI finally seem to address long standing issues members of previous year models have had. If the op is that excited he should figure out new ways to channel that excitement. Possibly stick his head out the window of a moving car and let his tongue frolic in the wind?
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