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Default Project 15K with Custom AccessPORT Map

Project 15K Meets AccessPORT and Surgline Tuning


It is still not the most widely known thing that PERRIN is selling the AccessPORT , but we are and we are here to show you what we are offering!

Over the next couple of weeks you will see gains had by the custom map program, but first we are going to showcase our Project 15K WRX . We will show what the car makes in stock tuned ECU form, Base tunes supplied with the AccessPORT and the PERRIN/Surgeline tuned maps. These tests are all done on our Project 15K WRX, which is a 2002 Blaze yellow WRX, that has a stage 1.5 package. This includes a PERRIN 3" Catback exhaust, PERRIN Inlet hose and an intercooler hose kit. Both items were replaced because OEM parts had failed. This test was done with OEM downpipes to show a 100% street legal setup.

Our initial dyno runs we done with the AccessPORT flashed with the OEM map. In this form the car runs the normal 14psi dropping to about 12psi at redline. The dyno results are a bit higher than we had seen before on Stage 1 WRX's but this could be do to the intercooler hose kit and inlet hose. This car doesn't have any other mods, except for 110,000miles! We ended up with 200WHP and 190ft-lbs of torque. While a little high, its still inline with what others see on a Dynapack.

Next up is the base AccessPORT map for a Stage 1 WRX. They claim 25HP and 30ft-lbs of torque. Almost exactly what they say, The boost on these runs, was a bit higher 14psi, but held 14psi almost to redline. So how do they get more power?? More boost, leaner fueling, and more timing. But what is really interesting to note is how lean it ran. This map was made to suite our fuel, and we felt this was pretty lean. But nonetheless, no knock, or anything bad in the 7 runs we did. We ended up with 220WHP and 220ft-lbs.

Now for the fun stuff. Time for Surgeline Tuning to step in and build a new map. With a little bit of time spent messing with AFR's and optimizing timing, this is what we got!

While the PERRIN custom map blows the base Map out of the water, the biggest thing to note is the safety factor. 2 things, one the car runs richer, which in our opinion is safer overall for guys taking their car to the track, or drag racing. Lean AFRs can make for high EGT's, and cause other things. This tune could have actually been taken further by adding more timing. While we backed some out for this run, we did it to keep the car safe. So our map is a little richer, and a little less aggressive in timing, all and all safer!

This map was created to not only show off how our Custom Tuned AccessPORT maps make more power than base tunes, but also to build a map that anyone can buy from us. This map is one of the many maps we offer for all stages of your modded 2.0L WRX. For more info call PERRIN Performance at 503-693-1702

For more info about the car we used, CLICK HERE . The quick story is we are building a car with a $15K budget (including the purchase of the car) and showing people along the way, what needs to be done, what should be done, and what can be done with the remaining budget. Since this is such a popular car, and there are lots of them out there, we wanted to show what anyone could reasonably do. This project is known as "Project 15K" .
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