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Originally Posted by mrsaturn7085 View Post
Who is 'most' would be the hundreds of people selling parts that really define the parts you're getting when you purchase things using 'version' nomenclature. Go ahead and run a Google image search for 'v9 headlights sti' and see what you find. How about 'v9 nose cut'? Same story. You'll see a few A-E chassis images pop up, but if you actually click on them, they'll all be listed as 'v7' or 'v8' - the 'v9' links are all F/G chassis cars.

Again, ebay sellers? why are you even bringing up body parts into a conversation about engines?

You can disagree all you want... but I stand by my statement about just saying GDB-A through G being the best route to go. I don't know why anyone would push for a system that adds ambiguity into the mix.

Again, you can stand for whatever you want and actually I hope you begin the conversations soon with those that view the rev F as V10 and Rev G as V11, because you're just one in a line of many that wants to change the versions, of course each in their own way. All that the thread engine designations are is a common denominator, something that has been agreed on for a long time...

The comments below my last one clearly show a huge issue - US and Euro terminology is completely screwy.

Yes, this is correct. My base chassis is a 2006 USDM STi with single AVCS. Going to dual AVCS with a standalone was as easy as running 4 wires (+12V, GND, LH Ex. Cam Pos., RH Ex. Cam Pos.) and re-pinning the TGV motor +12V and GND wires to the exhaust AVCS +12V and GND outputs.

I had more trouble sourcing a mating connector for the TGV plugs than I did figuring out the wiring. If anyone wants to do this without butchering the harness - Sumitomo 6188-0624 is the one you want.
In sum, while the designations have been and remain a good base, nobody is stopping you from starting your own system, or go by revisions, as you wrote.
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