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Default 87 GL Wagon 1.8 SOHC TBI MT Runs, then won't start. Then restarts sometimes

Hi all,

My GF has an 87 GL Wagon with the 1.8, SOHC TBI and manual trans. When she purchased the vehicle, she had some work done on it, and the plugs and plug leans were replaced. Rotor and cap are still good, and coil appears to be good. Distributor is a Crank Angle Type.

The issue is it'll start fine, idle fine, drive well, and then sometimes when you make a stop, it won't restart immediately. Sometimes it'll take a few minutes, other times it will be longer. On two occasions it just died while running, but restarted after a few. Other times it restarts fine. There doesn't seem to be rhyme nor reason to it. She had it towed to her mechanic to see what the issue was, and he couldn't make a determination. I checked wiring, and restarted it, let it warm up to an idle, and it ran well. Road tested around the neighborhood for a while, stopped, restarted several times, and it was fine. Checked the trouble codes on the ECU, and I got a 31, 33, 34, 35 (all TBI related it appears) and 51 (neutral switch), even though it's a manual trans.

It gets fuel, it gets spark, at least when I check it. Am I looking at having to replace a lot of the sensors for the TBI?

Any thoughts? Anyone else have a similar problem?

Today it ran well for a couple of stops, and now is not restarting.
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