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Originally Posted by Hondaslayer View Post
Stop throwing parts at it. Step back and start with the basics.

Fuel, air, spark and time.

Check compression.

Verify that all vacuum lines are hooked up, in the right places, and any needed restrictors are in place.
Oh i just happened to have a MAF laying around (i can't afford to throw parts at a subaru . My ignition timing is good (10-12 btdc idle rises to 36-40 drops back down). No knock correction, good linear advance on RPM. vaccuum is good. 20 in/hg at idle and i do have the restrictor pill in place. the engine is a jdm import with "good" compression from dealer (i haven't verified so i guess it certainly wouldn't hurt).

After data streaming the ECM:
o2 sensors are reading as they should.
ECT is functioning at proper engine temperature
MAF is reading proper grams/s 4 ish at idle and raises with a linear band on increase of load.
no knock correction
everything looks fine to my eye?

I often times have trouble replicating this problem.

After a long drive cycle, it barely cuts/hesitates/"hits wall"
But in the mornings, right when it is at operating temperature and i begin to get into power band, it hits that wall hard.

Maybe i'm having wastegate troubles?
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