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Originally Posted by yazel View Post
I see the evo rear diff mod as quite different than an aftermarket differential. Simply changing the internals of the evo rear diff to match the FSM is completely legal already. No need to add aftermarket differentials to our ST cars IMO.
That's not the mod I'm talking about - restacking the plates to match the FSM is what is currently done for STU evos, but I'm talking about what's offered now by TRE, Shep, etc where they actually add plates into the diff and make it a 1.5 way. Not to mention full aftermarket units like Cusco, Kaaz, etc.

Why no need for ST cars? This mod transforms the evo in classes where it is allowed. I get legitimate power oversteer on corner exit if I feel like being careless and just put my foot down. I don't think the subies do that right now. Any mod that helps WRXs catch up in STX that's allowed for those older 3 series and RX8s I would think is "needed"

It's not about winning STU or whatever. Just a mod that completely changes the handling of the cars and the enjoyment of them. It was to handicap AWD cars beyond the natural weight penalty, but I don't think that handicap is "necessary" anymore. This literally cures understeer in evos, I'm sure it does the same in STIs and WRXs

Thanks for the input
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