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Originally Posted by FerdSimao View Post
Not really funny. but this was a first for me.
Yesterday while I was at the VA for my PTSD therapy, my Doc and I got a "little" side tracked well not really we were talking about my road rage.

Doc: you mean your little rice burner? referring to my 2012 WRX
Me: wow doc that's not a civic with a fart can in the back
Doc: what is it?
Me: Subaru WRX
Doc: oh ok
Therapy goes on......
when leaving the VA the Doc was walking to his "PRIUS" as I drive by, and I lower my window. and give a "little" gas
Doc: wow I'm sorry, that sounds nothing like a rice burner.
Me: I told you so.
Doc: I'm sorry, that's a really nice car. now lets keep that road rage in check. shall we?
Me: you got it doc!!!
He probably just didn't want to get you worked up before you started driving.

The correct response was to say, "**** you!" and speed off. Although that might've set you back a few weeks in therapy.
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