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Originally Posted by eurojax
I really wish that they would release more info on how he died, maybe that will come later. Since I started liking rally 8 or so years ago, I've noticed that the rally organizations never release video/pictures/media about how the person died.

NASCAR is the opposite, I've seen Earnhardt eat it about 30 times. Lovell/Freeman was the same way, no information cept "Tree" and "Hit head on" were released.

I know it sounds like something noone would want to see, but, you have to think with all the safety considerations WRC and FIA go through to make the cars safe, what in gods name did Markko do that killed him?

you've been a fan of rally for 8 years?
and you have to ask this question?

*shakes head*

Lovell did not hit a tree head on.
(and yes, I was there - you have your "facts" wrong)

Markko did not hit a tree head on.

Park, Mark and Roger all died immediately of the same issue.
blunt. force. trauma.

when your internals are moving 100mph and the car suddenly stops
guess what?
your internals do not stop. they keep going.
I wont go into graphic details ,
but broken neck is just one of the major injuries immediately and fully sustained.

There is nothing any rally car perparer can do to prevent death in this case

A side impact is the worst feared accident in ralling.
There is no method of preparation that one can do to prepare for this.
If you have a massive side impact at a high rate of speed... well.

Markko slid sideways into a tree at a good clip.
70-80mph from the looks of the still shot posted earlier.
he wasnt crawling. ...and you just dont survive accidents like that.

This has been horrible event.

My God it has to be awful for everyone involved.

The lack of coverage is out of respect.
respect for the families
respect for the team
respect for 100% rally fans

nobody wants to see that. i sure dont.

i hope this helps to clarify the 'mystery' for you
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