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Drove a 2013 3dr today as a benchmark. It's quick but needs 30-40 more HP to feel fluid, it was straining a little bit. After all of Scrappy's comments I was a little underwhelmed at the interior or "refinements". I love the look of it though (exterior). Stereo was good but other than that and the flat bottomed steering wheel the interior was much the same as my '12 TDi JSW except with bolstered seats. Nothing I would write home about either way and I was looking for all the refinements, especially when it has a manual seat and steering wheel.

I did like the centered exhaust pipes and they tuned the exhaust nicely from the factory, sounded great. Compared to my '08 STi it's slow to build revs in the midrange. You could tell the power difference pretty easily stock to stock.
Brakes were good and steering was decent. I feel if it were a few k less it would be on point. A little overpriced in my opinion.

Stealer rep said the new one will be built in Mehico, which explains why they have stated it will be a little cheaper in MSRP.

They offered $34k and it had Nav/sunroof so they are mostly stagnating on lots. I look forward to the new one. The current one is good so the new one should be there and be a real comparison vehicle against the new STi.
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