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Originally Posted by lotusdrift View Post
The tree, you retain muscle by lifting heavy. NOT by lifting high reps. It signals your body to keep the muscle because it requires it for the activity you are stimulating it with.
Thanks you, this will help me a lot.
Originally Posted by TurismoLou View Post
This. The workout I posted would most definately help you gain mass if you were eating above your caloric limit, however since you're not, it will just help to preserve your muscle and strength. As far as percentages go, you just experiment wth the weight. The first day go in and keep working up to what you feel is tough to get for 8 reps. Then pick that weight to do your 5 sets of 5. It should be tough to get 5 reps on the last couple of sets. When you can do all 5 sets for 5 reps then it's time to move up in weight. And yes, you need to stick with a good workout for more than a month. Don't have workout ADD. Find something that has science behind it and stick with it for a minimum of 3 months. Another option to go is look up a book by Chad Waterbury called Muscle Revolution. He has several workouts in there that will last you a year. I use his workouts when I want to drop weight quick, he knows his stuff.
again, thanks Lou, will look for the Waterbury book today, and I will put yoru workout to use starting this monday, and work it for the next 6 months. it seems sustainable, easy to do, and fairly basic. all things that will help me reach phase 2* of my 3 part plan. and on Day 3 I see you have squats again, is that the same squats I am doing on day 1? or a different variation?

*phase 2 is lose the left over fat and skin, and drop to 220 over this next year.
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