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Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post
yeah...that is the thing about the isn't the BEST........

it IS the best commonly available, lowest cost oil.... it IS damn good, and 7k mile OCI isn't any issue with it unless using e85
Ding, ding, ding.

Exactly. One could easily argue that several oils are "better" than RT6. Red Line 5w30 for instance is "better" than RT6, but if you're operating your engine in a way that Red Line's advantages over RT6 are relevant to you, it's operating outside the optimal range.

The problem, especially in the turbo EJ, is there's very little value priced HD 30 grade oil. GC is a long time favorite, and works well for most users, but it's only available at a couple stores in expensive quarts. The latest Low-SAPS HD 30 grade oils perform really well at short(ish) intervals, but cost close to double what RT6 does. So even though RT6 is a bit thicker than optimal for most users, the penalties are slim and the value proposition is excellent. Same goes for all oils in RT6's category; M1 TDT, Chevron Delo, and the Schaeffer's 9000 Big-E mentions as long as it's convenient and cheap to acquire.

As to the Schaeffer's 9000, it looks to have excellent specs including API SM and ACEA E7 and E9 both. The HTHS is maybe a bit overkill for most Subarus at 4.05, but it's not going to hurt anything but your fuel economy (a teeny weeny bit). The TBN is slightly low compared to others in the category, but it may have newer chemistry which allows long drain intervals none-the-less. Post the results!

The list of oils in the guide is already approaching unmanageable, so I decided to stick to oils commonly available or interesting for other reasons.
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