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Originally Posted by h3llsp4wn View Post
The1980s instrument cluster they still use was enough for me to not consider any BMW when I was car shopping. That **** is ugly AF. You sound triggered!
Not liking the layout or style is different than the quality of materials. Completely different. This is not a style discussion, but a quality discussion, if you bothered to read earlier posts.
Real aluminum is used.
Real carbon fiber is used.
Much better leather is used.
The seatís side pleather doesnít crank wide open after 3 years of age.
The ergos are far superior. Adjustable bolsters etc to an almost perfect seat for any person.
The seat design and comfort isnít even in the same ball park.
The stitching is much higher quality (Iíve seen Subaruís on the showroom floor with 3mi on the odo with stitching coming apart.
The stereo sound quality are superior.
Plastics are of much higher quality and less plastics feel overall.

No real comparison. I get Ďtriggeredí when people spout off and pull stuff out their Aís when they have zero factual data or experience. It sounds like fanboyism.
If you like Subaruís style of interior, great, eat it up. But donít tout the actual material quality over most any of the German brands - you just sound foolish.
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