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Here's the answers to your "concerns"

1) You have no cat and the system is loud b/c the place you got your Brullen from : "Tom Payne's Technologies" who sourcing it from TRi Tuning, which claims exclusive rights to the "wild/loud" Brullen set-ups. If you wanted a "quiet" or "medium" set-up, you should've just came to me to get it.

2) It was posted by TRi Tuning that these were the "Race" versions, hence the reason why you don't have a cat right now, for the "Race" systems, the cat is an option. With the cat in place, you will notice that it won't be as loud.

3) The downpipe fitment issue may be due to drivetrain differences, everything was done on a jig made on a 5spd vehicle, hence if your car is an auto, there could be some fitment isssues.

4) As for the rear section coming close to the differential housing, it was made like that to minimize the angle of bends as well as maximize flow, it will not get in the way of the option rear differential protector as well. These systems flow on par with other "race" spec systems such as a SYM's or Cusco units, which have the "N1/Fireball" look to them.

5) As for the no CEL issue, we intentionally designed it that way, reason being that the CEL is annoying, and also it "may" throw a CEL later down the line, but will be resolved with the hi-flow cat in place.

One question for you though, do you notice any "drooning" at cruising speeds?

6) As for shipping procedures, well, they were ready, only thing was that payment hasn't been made, hence the reason why it didn't ship. As I mentioned before in my posts, if you want one to your tastes, it will be at your door step in 3-4 weeks from time of payment. Please don't mix-up your customer service experience with Tom Payne's and myself.

7) Regarding your concern about the final fit, so far we haven't had any problems, as there are several guys that we did Alpha and Beta testing on (both WRX Wagon and Sedan) here in Canada before releasing the product. To my knowledge, there are no differences in emissions units here in Canada and the US, hence fit shouldn't have been a problem. I will definately take a look into this.

However, I would like to thank you for your review Constructive criticism is always good for the refinement of a product.

bedabi - I can't remember if you have a WRX or a RS, but the Queit systems are not loud, trboCIVIC&WRX's system is a Race system, with the loud/wild acoustic set-up. There have been no fitment issues with all the cat-back units to date thus far.
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