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All dealer pricing complaints aside(its called capitalism); people are loosing sight of the fact, that the S209 does in fact have a ton of chassis and suspension parts that have not been offered on an STI from the factory in the U.S up until now, and would be rather expensive to duplicate part for part if you have an older or one that's a couple of years old. We're talking several thousand at least assuming you can do the work yourself, before you even touch the engine or do any aero body work. I would put it at 8-10,000 put into a base STI to install, (again part for part) all the upgrades done to the suspension and chassis that the S209 has assuming that you can even get the same handeling and ride characteristics the STI engineers got with the parts they selected for the S209 standard. That 8-10,000 doesnt include the improved block and pistons you would need if you have a pre 2019 base STI. So add another several thousand there. Then you need to add an equivalent aftermarket larger turbo, injectors and fuel pump per what the S209 comes with standard. So at least another 2500-3000. Your looking at 15-18,000 in aftermarket parts (not including installation, in the event you cant install all the suspension engine and aero yourself) to get a 2018 or earlier STI to the S209's STANDARD equipment. So now you are right at where the S209's MSRP starts..but with the S209 you get the factory warranty. A modded base to get to that level will bring warranty implications into the picture.

Further.... The 341 horsepower rating is interesting, since that is in the ballpark of what you can get with a custom stage 1 tune on previous year models...but the S209 has a larger turbo, larger air intake, larger injectors and fuel with a 341 horsepower rating the S209 engine is seriously corked up with a stock downpipe, and those STI factory installed engine upgrades are way beyond traditional stage 2 parts....and strong stage 2 STI's can make more crank horsepower than what this corked up S209 engine is advertised at.

The point here is that with a 3" downpipe and upgrading the ECU tune to take advantage of that and the bigger turbo and injectors the S209 is probably going to be able to deliver close to 400 horsepower or more at the crank for the cost of what stage 2 would traditionall only net 350 ish. People are sorta not getting this...the S209 with stage 2 downpipe and tune is most likely going to make 50 horsepower MORE than any previous year model base STI's EJ257's from the factory that got a stage 2 tune after purchase. That's quite noteable.

So its going to be a 380-400+ horsepower STI on pump gas with just stage 2 downpipe and tune, cant get that on pump gas from any other U.S offered STI with just stage 2 parts and pump gas. ***8230;.. and all the other improvements that they have incorporated into this car over previous U.S models....I really cant say I'd blame people for wanting one of these so badly. The Next Gen STI...(IF it gets a new engine, because they havent said it for a fact yet which engine the 2021 is going to actually have), probably wont make 341 horsepower out the door or be able to match the S209.
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