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Originally Posted by Absoluteyeti View Post
I don't think that's universally true anymore... Drums don't like overtightening, most discs (i've seen) are indifferent. Has to do with how and where the bearings are seated. Not advocating uggadugga spec however as it destroys studs.

Maybe. I haven't seen anything contradictory to what I've learned. My take on it is manufacturers provide a torque spec for a reason. I agree there's room to spare on their rating most of the time but pressure is pressure. The more you apply, the more something will change its shape no matter how slightly. With bearings, it's not going to destroy them quickly but if a bearing usually lasts for X amount of miles at 77lb/ft then it's safe to conclude it will last Y miles at 100lb/ft and so on. What's really going to make the difference if unequal tightening. Using nothing to measure the pressure, one doesn't know if a lug is tightened to 60, 100 or 150lb/ft. And if one is substantially tighter than another it will change shape. Hence why wheels wobble when tightened unevenly. I'd guess that this would increase wear over equally over tightening all the lugs. Since the OP has been using an impact to tighten things and really doesn't have a way of measuring torque then it could wear the bearings out faster. Especially since each lug will be tightened to a different spec. Though I'd still say it's more likely debris in the rotor. Possibly stuck in the parking brake.
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