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2004 WRX Wagon
WRB not so minty fresh


bringing it back again for newer owners.

Connectors for everything under the hood (top to bottom, engine, lights, everything). out back (lights, gas tank, Evap, even the trailer wiring connector)

One stop shop Brian and the bunch there are AWESOME and pretty much focus on Subaru only.

over the knocking on 14 years and 300k+ miles on my 2004 WRX Sport Wagon the single most consistent and repetitive codes I've had all were EVAP/Emissions-related.

The one thing LOTS of people forget about is WHY a canister contributes.

The Vapor (charcoal) canister starts contributing is one simple mistake owners make: Topping off the tank with gas after the pump pops/stops. "Topping off" is bad because right on the side of the gas filler neck metal tube roughly less than 10" where the pump nozzle is driving in fuel: there are 2 things on opposite sides of the filler tube:

The is an anti-spill "rollover valve which helps prevent accident caused Fuel spills. When pressure hits it It opens a vacuum line down the EVAP solenoid to discharge fuel back to the tank.

Also on the other side there is a medium size hose that runs VAPOR to the canister.

When you topp off to high, of abruptly/roughly, you are forcing raw fuel against the rollover valve AND pushing fuel down the hose into the Vapor Canister. Contaminating the charcoal and ruining the canister all together.

Simple way to check a Vapor canister on ANY vehicle. Remove it and weight it. If its more than about 2-3 pounds? Its been filled with fuel. Also someone mentioned charcoal pellets in lines when disconnected. This is a sign raw fuel has been forced into the canister and its toast.

Last note: Parts sourcing

The canister itself can normally be found on, the Dorman Brand (well respected) around $60. New from Subaru? up to $300-400 depending on year.

The Vent Valve and Purge valve (under hood on the front of the intake manifold to the left of the TB) , are under $50 each from Subaru, not bad.

The rear vent Solenoid is the real bugger. $130 - $150 Rockauto randomly has it. But usually this is a connection/Wiring issue.

All of the Molded EVAP hoses are still sold by Subaru. Figure you'll spend $125-$150 on the 4 big molded hoses. I don't recommend trying to use 1/2" or 5/8" heater bulk hose because the area back there is tight, especially on the GC8-GD's (98-07)

I fought this the first time for almost 2 solid years trying to get the car pass emissions. I ended up replacing everything.

The cap (Subaru ONLY!) , filler tube (rockauto), the roll over valve, the canister, vent, vent valve, the vent filter canister, vent solenoid, front purge valve, molded hoses, and used new silicone hose on the long smaller vacuum/vent hoses. I literally through the entire parts book at the EVAP.

I've been totally fine for almost 4.5 years. Recently I started the pump filling the tank, went inside for a soda and a pretzel and heard the warning buzzer for the station going off. Looked out the auto-shut-off for the pump didn't stop and fuel all over the side of the car and the ground. Pump forced almost 4 extra gallons out all over everything... That's a crap-ton of fuel @ $at the time $3.15/gallon.

Last week the P0447 came back and I get a random P0457 as well.

So new canister, Vent, and wiring pigtails from iwire are on the way.

Best of luck everyone.

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