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Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
I agree. They could not effectively make and sell the 3000gt with current track record. I think they are so focused on saving every dime possible that they are neglecting building quality cars. I really do feel like they are the GM motors of Japan.

The idea of a partnership with honda would be exciting. Use honda tech for a rwd chasis and suspension with a mitsu turbo 4 cylinder motor. I would probably jump on a car like that. I think the brz/frs is really missing a huge market by not offering a turbo variant. Even if you turbo the current motor, you get small gains in hp/tq and reliability... well its unknown but we can speculate its not good.

I think that the car manufacturers believe everyone wants these bland and boring enviro friendly cars. Im not saying there is not a market for it (look at the prius and others), but there is a huge demographic that still wants that driver oriented feel. I think people who are not car enthusiast even want that.
The 3000gt never sold in enough volume to really make or break the company financially. So why bother making it now, when they desperately need to make money?

However the eclipse did sell very well in it's glory days (90-99). It was a cool, affordable, practical car for a young adult with no kids. Something the BRZ and FRS didn't quite hit the mark with(unless they shed about $4000 in price). If the BRZ/FRS made a slower version with the base subaru 170hp engine, regular suspension, and offered it for less than $20k, it would sell like hotcakes right now.

If mitsubishi could reinvent the eclipse again, but not make it so ugly like the current generation, keep the price at a level that competes with the focus, corolla, civic etc.. The base model having a ride, handling and performance of economy cars like the focus and civic. But offering a performance model with a stiffer suspension and turbo for brand recognition and street cred. Then the eclipse would sell like hotcakes again. They should go back to that winning formula selling roughly 200,000 eclipse/talons per year consistently from 90-99.
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