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Originally Posted by totalburnout View Post
I thought it actually originated with judokas. Players have been the term of choice.

I dont usually call BJJ guys players but always have for judo based on the books I've read some years ago.

Thug, I'm not well enough versed in ADC to know if any judo players have ever really competed - to know how the % of judo players that have competed and done well would stack up. It's tough if only a dozen have ever tried and no one has succeeded. If thousands have tried and none have succeeded, that would seem to make sense.

I have nothing against BJJ. I just don't think you get the most bang for your buck if you only train BJJ anymore.

No one here would or is arguing that last point.

ADCC is considered the #1 tournament in the world for no-gi grappling. It only occurs every 2 years and it is a lot more free-form than the BJJ Worlds and Pan-Ams. They allow all just about any submission and even allow slamming, although slams are only allowed when escaping a submission.

I just took a look through the results over the years. The only 1st place winners that listed Judo as their first discipline were Mark Robinson(who also did quite a bit of Greco-Roman) and Sanae Kikuta.Those were both back in 2001 and neither of them won the Absolute division, just their weight classes.
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