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Step 5

Raise the bar up to the mounting area and place inside of the factory mounting brackets. Secure at least the bottom bolt on the bracket to prevent the bar from falling while you mount it. There is an upper tab that holds the top side of the bracket in place. Put the upper bolt in but keep all bolts loose so you can rotate the bar while finishing the installation. The newest Whiteline bushings are actually grease-less so you donít need to grease them if they are this style.

Step 6

Loosen the end linkís upper locking nut and rotate either the center, gold part or the ball joint to lengthen the end link. Youíll tighten this and position it later. For now, you want leave enough room to allow the ball joint and end link to flex while fitting it to the sway bar and the car. Itís easiest to attach the ball joint end to the sway bar first just to get it through the hole. When itís already mounted in the control arm, it can be more difficult to put the ball joint side through the sway bar. After the end link is through the sway bar, fit it to the control arm. It can be a tight fit but itíll go in. Make sure you use the provided gold spacers.

Step 7

Position the end link so that itís as straight as possible inside the bar. If you need to rotate the center to either shorten or lengthen the link, do so now. After you have it straight, tighten down the black locking nuts against the gold center section.

Step 8

Fasten the nuts to the bolt attaching the end link to the lower control arm. Keep the bar centered on the car as close as you can and tighten the nuts that go on the end link to fasten it to the bar. The Whiteline end link features a hex base at the bottom of the stud so you can use a wrench to keep it from spinning while you tighten the nut down.

Step 9

Tighten down the brackets holding the sway bar to the subframe.

Step 10

Fasten the provided clamps onto the sway bar right up against the inside of the sway bar bushing. Donít tighten these too much.

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