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Default 2015+ Summer w/ Track Duty Tire recommendations

So i've been googling like crazy and can't really come across some good discussions that are recent about good Summer tires that can handle a few track days each year. The thread tend to be "There's tons of threads on this", but for the life of me, i can't seem to find useful threads.

I have a 2016 STI and will be ordering 18x9.5 RPF1's. I need to pair these with some tires. I'm trying to balance the trade offs; Tread wear, DD use vs. track duty capabilities and want to hear what everyone thinks is a good middle ground which i know you can't get a "good" track tire that also is a "good" DD tire with long tread wear, wet traction, etc.

Tires i'm looking at that i would love to hear peoples opinions on (265/35/18):
  • Falken Azenis RT615+
  • Federal 595R
  • Hankook Evo2
  • Dunlop Z11's
  • Bridgestone POTENZA S-04 POLE POSITION

Also open to hearing other options, but please state your reasoning.

I've owned the Z11's on my old built wagon, but never got to experience them on the track. Amazing traction for DD and what i could do around town.

I'm currently leaning towards the Falkens, but have heard they don't do well under heat at the track and tread wear is god awful and the Hankook's which i feel is a good DD tire, but does so-so on the track and has soft side walls.

I've seen the Hankooks on my model STI w/ RPF1's in my size (265/35/18) and the tire sizing looks perfect for "fitment" sake. The 595's are the best on the wallet, but i feel they're over sized and may cause me headaches squeezing them in. I've also heard they're loud AF.

EDIT: Also, comfort and noise really aren't that big of a deal to me. But i'd like to find that middle ground between track performance and the "quality of life" DD tires give (West, noise, tread wear)
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