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Default "What is this car worth" "Should I buy this car" guide


Should I buy this car?
Is this car worth $xx?
This car or that car?
Is this car a good deal?
My car's paint was stolen...kbb values the car at $10k and I figure the paint was worth $3k, so should I ask $7k for it?
Is a 2011 WRX or 2011 STi better?

In the "Questions we cannot answer" sticky (read it if you have not, please) it is specifically stated as follows:

How much should I pay for my Subaru? We live in a fair market economy. This means that Bob in Texas and Jan in Indiana buying the same car will not pay the same price. This is further complicated by the fact that Bob has a $2000 down payment, a $1500 trade-in, got to use $1500 incentives in March, pays 4.5% tax, his license is $625, and handling and associated fees in the amount of $725. Jan has a $4500 down payment, no trade-in, got to use $2000 incentives in April, pays 3% tax, her license is $411, and handling and associated fees in the amount of $895.

Even with these complications, let's say that you find out that Bob paid $22,000 and Jan paid $22,500 for a 2005 WRX with no options just like you want. Does this mean you will pay between $22K and $22.5K? No. Aside from state taxes, state fees, incentives, and other state and monthly variables, it all boils down to supply and demand. While $22.5K is fine at dealership A, dealership b may take no less than $23.5K.

Always remember: people tend to downplay their paid price to make them seem to be a crafty bargainer for some reason. Their "out the door price" they quote you is almost always missing taxes, trade-in credit, down payment, incentives, etc.

Further car buying help:
1. The Subaru VIP Program will allow you to purchase a new Subaru at dealer invoice. Some can even do better than this by utilizing bargaining techniques and dealer incentives though.
2. There are also many internet routes to obtain a Subaru with the least amount of markup. Search for "car buying tips" on your favorite search engine and you will find plenty of advice.
3. This post contains help as well.

Since it seems that nobody ever reads the above anymore, I've repeated it here

Q: What does all this mean,......jack???

A: Well, it means that if you post a thread asking what this car or that car or the 3 cars in these craigslist ads or Rogue's Miata or Nick's STi is worth, I'm going to make the thread disappear.

Q: OMG!!!! Does this mean that I can't post this anywhere?

A: No. You can post your question in some other forum that is not nasioc.

Q: Why, jack, are you doing this, you big meany?

A: Well, because when you come on and ask if this craigslist pos scam junk salvaged car is worth buying since it's so cheap and there are 10 replies and 9 of them tell you to run away and 1 says to buy it before someone else does, you're naturally going to go with the answer that "in your mind" is the one you were looking for in the first place.

Q: Ok, so if I can't figure out how to buy a used car on my own with only the 2,342,394 sites dedicated to helping you figure out how to go about buying a used car, then without posting so a bunch of 14 year olds can chime in and tell me that buying this pos scam junk is the way to go, what should I do, man?

A: The choice is up to you, and they come in 2 classes.....brown tone shades and cheap sunglasses.....oh yah!......wait... The answers are actually:
1: buy a brand new car
2: lease a brand new car
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