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I am bumping this old thread, since I am new and can't make my own, without spamming random replies.

Anyway, I am in the same boat as this guy. I just failed for "tampering". I thought I was fine which is why I even went to DMV. I have an Nvidia N1 turbo back, with a catted DP.

Against my better judgment I listened to people and went to DMV. I have always just paid at a local shop. Anyway, so I go I'm waiting and it feels like it's taking way long, so I'm like crap something is up, after a few minutes the guy calls me over, says you don't have a cat on your car. I said wtf yes I do pop the hood and show him, he's like hmmm, calls the guy that said I have no cat over and shows him. He then tells me the car came with 2 cats I need 2 cats to pass. I have never heard this ever. No WRX with a turboback would ever get a pass. So even tho everything else passed. I failed for "tampering".

Does anyone have any advice for my next step? I was given report and some form for emissions repair. Would I be able to just take it to a private shop, or more lenient DMV with out having the repair form filled out? I also can't find anywhere info about stock number of cats mattering. All the verbiage is the cat or a cat must be on the car, which to me would indicate as long as 1 is present it is fine.

Sorry for the long winded post.
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