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Originally Posted by Spider-Matt WRX View Post
I am bumping this old thread, since I am new and can't make my own, without spamming random replies.

Anyway, I am in the same boat as this guy. I just failed for "tampering". I thought I was fine which is why I even went to DMV. I have an Nvidia N1 turbo back, with a catted DP.

Against my better judgment I listened to people and went to DMV. I have always just paid at a local shop. Anyway, so I go I'm waiting and it feels like it's taking way long, so I'm like crap something is up, after a few minutes the guy calls me over, says you don't have a cat on your car. I said wtf yes I do pop the hood and show him, he's like hmmm, calls the guy that said I have no cat over and shows him. He then tells me the car came with 2 cats I need 2 cats to pass. I have never heard this ever. No WRX with a turboback would ever get a pass. So even tho everything else passed. I failed for "tampering".

Does anyone have any advice for my next step? I was given report and some form for emissions repair. Would I be able to just take it to a private shop, or more lenient DMV with out having the repair form filled out? I also can't find anywhere info about stock number of cats mattering. All the verbiage is the cat or a cat must be on the car, which to me would indicate as long as 1 is present it is fine.

Sorry for the long winded post.
Don't apologize. Sorry to hear man.

I was ALMOST in your exact situation last year. Guy stops after driving over the camera underneath and pops my hood, I'm thinking this is a fail waiting to happen great. He shines his flashlight in the engine looking all confused etc. I have Cobb catted DP FYI (at the time). He is about to fail me but calls his coworker over, who immediately says "WRX or STI?" (I told him WRX, but he was actually quizzing his coworker because get this.......he never heard of a WRX

Cool dude hops in car, drives over the camera and says, it's a performance catted pipe, just get the paperwork for it next time, he's fine. I still didn't know if I was passing. I didn't know paperwork would help. His coworker said be lucky that guy was here, I was going to fail you.

Take it private. Do you even get to go again in NJ at their DMV stations? I know they passed a new law that if you fail, you would not be able to go back for a free inspection at their station. You'd have to go pay private. Which is good and bad haha. Do you have a mechanic you know who does inspections you can trust? If I were in your shoes right now, I'd go to one of my mechanics who does inspections and even though he'd not pass me turning a blind eye, he would give me the best advice about how to go about it. Good luck, wish I knew someone I could PM you. If I find someone I will.
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