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Originally Posted by TifosiWA View Post
It is comical that someone from SoCal talking about the functionality of mud guards/flaps, you will feel differently if you live in the snow belt. While I don't have them on my car because of visual reasons and am lucky enough to not have to deal with snow and ice too often during the winter months, one can not argue against their functionality to protect a vehicle from salt, sand and gravel during the winter.

With that said, I can certainly understand where you are coming from with this. It is just as idiotic as someone from SoCal buying an AWD street car to go AutoX or Time Attack. Those people would be much better served with a light weight RWD or mid-engine vehicle should they have the need to live out their infantile fantasy of being a "racer".

To add, 90+% of the people in SoCal with AWD vehicles will never find themselves in any sort of situation that will need AWD.

Bottom line, live and let live.
So, you are one that believes AWD is only beneficial in inclement conditions? Must be "new" to Subaru. Drive a car that is 2WD and then drive that same car with AWD and even on good grip dry pavement, you can tell the difference in the drive.

That's not to counter any of your comments about the autocrossing....

Originally Posted by STiSilly View Post
Sell it and get the 2020 s209��������

That'll be a 2019 S209.
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