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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
I disagree here. Zeeper takes a few opinions from people who actually don't even care what mpg they get compared to similarly rated cars but are "happy" because it gets better than their old e.g. 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup, then throws them out as "proof" the CVT mpg is okay, as if somehow those half dozen stories become statistically significant.

Plus, despite the fact the "enthusiasts" here more often drive 5 speeds probably more ... enthusiastically (thus the definition of "enthusiast") a breakdown of fuelly cars shows the 5 speed actually gets better mpg than the CVT - that's probably the most significant factoid of fuelly, if there is one.

Taking a few opinions from this list is different than looking at comparisons from CR and mpgomatic, which clearly show the mpg of CVT's suffers.

Commenting on CR and mpgomatic results is a lot different than deriving opinions from a few tales here.
Just to add a log - This is not about zeeper - never has been. He made it about him with his arrogant ignorance. How can one speak or argue a point about a CVT Impreza or want to without owning one? And to do it in such a manner that he has. Just ignorant. Zeeper is insignificant.

I purchased my car right before winter and my real world MPG's were horrible all winter. Just now I can just hit 30mpg sometimes much below and sometimes slightly higher.. same variables - FACT - Other cars rated the same or rated below driven in the exact same manner are very much so more forgiving or accurate, whatever anybody wants to call it. The key point of this thread is that some/many/few whatever the number - some owners see/feel that Subaru MPG claims/vast improvements are a little too optimistic to what real world provides vs. advertised. And to share.

I understand the car is AWD, but as stated the MPG rating is the rating, should not matter the drivetrain - that is factored into the rating. If your not hitting the advertised MPG claims but are just Happy with your purchase, does not take away from the fact that the car is not acheiving what it is claiming, that is my point. I too like this car alot, but the CVT should be rated much lower IMO. Every car I have owned I can meet or beat the MPG rating when applying economical real world driving habbits, this car/my car just does not provide same feedback. I won't speak to the 5spd b/c I have no hands on experience.
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