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Originally Posted by dobie0791 View Post
Why are some getting upset or annoyed what other people do with their money? The market is determined by what buyers are willing and able to pay for an example.

Go look up Hagerty valuation for GD STis- They do not (yet) list GRs. Nostalgia is a powerful drug. The kids who wanted one but could not afford one are now entering their prime earning years. Hagerty reports that most quotes for these comes from millennials or Gen Z.

At the time, the GD STi had a;

*Motorsports pedigree
*Cult following established before available in North America
*Fan base too young to afford and/or insure (or drive) when first available
*Limited production numbers, which have been heavily culled over the years

Most have been molested/hacked, beaten to death, rusted out, or totaled/parted out. It is unlikely they were a 2nd or 3rd car or treated like one.

They were simple, focused driver's cars (now pretty much extinct), which are also reliable and inexpensive to maintain/DiY serviceable. That Ferrari, AMG Merc or 911? Not so much.

EXCELLENT, well written concise and factual. I have been following the classic/collector car market for 35 years and the GD STI's check E V E R Y criteria now. As for The STI hatches? They were unique to the STI lineage in the U.S, and hatches have a very very passionate base that follow them. Add that these people have finally let it sink in that there probably wont be an STI hatch ever produced again with an EJ and the EJ hatches are quickly getting scooped up in excellent original condition.
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