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Default Virtual Dyno 1.1.8

1.1.8 has been released. Come and get it!!!

Here is a list of the changes:

- Fixed a bug allowing the display values popup on graph other columns to draw offscreen
- Fixed UI bug that left selected profiles blue when another profile was selected
- Fixed miscoloring of smoothing options on run specific context menu
- Fixed UI bug where was border showing on both sides between HPTQ graph and AFRBoost graph
- Fixed delay when profile is selected till the time the menu is hidden
- Fixed incorrect loading of smoothing factor from saved settings file
- Fixed a bug when writing columnnames.xml on update that caused the invalid root element error
- Added dropdown to select profile from bottom of screen where active profile is displayed
- Added check for file in use when loading columnnames.xml as it may still be updating
- Added trimming of commonly trimmed char from column names when looking for column
- Added EcuTek log support
- Added LS2Edit log support (.LOG only)
- Added Link G4 log support (after running the llc2csv converter only)
- Added UV Scan log support
- Added more time formats to be compatible varying time formats
- Added setting to allow toggling smoothing time in case of unsmooth time signal
- Revamped the settings window to be a window instead of a panel
- Persist all settings across program in a common settings object instead of reading form settings screen
- Moved all updating to the splash screen so updates are done before loading the application
- Replaced most typeof comparisons with the 'is' keyword
- Removed system serial number and install id as it caused instability with the UAC
- Removed application manifests that elevated security and disabled drag and drop with UAC on
- All update versions come from the webservice instead of direct web xml reads
- Column updates are now through the webservice
- Cancel zoom button is always visible but disabled when graph is not zoomed
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