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Originally Posted by scotty144 View Post
John, is this something that could be added to my Visconti tune or would I need to bring it down for a complete retune?
RaceRom has a number of features. If your only looking for added launch control and flatfoot shifting then there is no need for a retune. Just need a EcuTek license

Originally Posted by project_skyline View Post
Curious on limits of SD. Cobb said they were having issues with more then 29 psi irrc and haven't gotten past it yet.
I'm still working on a few SD cars at the moment. So far so good

Originally Posted by P-iff View Post
sounds awesome. definitely going to do this with my next tune. interested to see how the speed density works out. will it be using a IAT sensor like in the evos?
SD cars will need a IAT sensor and 4 bar map sensor.

Originally Posted by rasheedn View Post
how can u buy this but tune it myself?
Soon, see below

Originally Posted by Clark Turner View Post
More and more locked down ECUs. Never a good thing.. They own your ecu after install.

I will agree no one likes to be locked out of something they own...

But EcuTek does this to protect their custom non-oem tables + the tuners work.

Cobb AP does the same thing.

The big difference is the Cobb AP is a hand held and can be removed by the owner at any time...which unlocks the ECU.

EcuTek has always sold enduser cables that give the user the ability to log, change maps and put back to stock. Most people don't purchase this because it's cheaper just to get a ProTune.

Normally when a customer gets tuned by a tuner (whether its with Cobb, EcuTek or Open Soruce) they have some sort of relationship. If a car is running funny or needs a update because of a new mod they contact the person that tuned the car.

In the near future EcuTek will have a end-user cable that will allow people to tune their own ECUs - Like Cobb's Access Tuner Race

A important note - Any person that was tuned using EcuTek can have it removed by any EcuTek dealer.

But for the past few years EcuTek has been silently working very hard developing new things. RaceRom is one of them.

And believe me Cobb and the Open Source guys are doing a lot of great things as well.

All I can say is 2011 is going to be a great for the Subie guys
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