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Thumbs up Installed the Bell RRFPR..what a diff!

Good news!

After installing the Bell fuel riser and bumping up the FP to 85-90psi under max boost, I am a happy camper. The car was hitting 1600 deg F without the Bell unit and with my SAFC maxed before a CE light limit and boost at 15psi.

Now, with the Bell in place(leaving my SAFC settings the same) I hit a max 1350 degF EGT. I can now turn down the safc and possibly up the timing with all kinds of room to spare. The car lost its flat spots at vac to boost transition and at 4k too. Life is good!

I need to play with the SAFC and ITC now on the dyno again to see what kind of power I can make.

99 RS Turbo
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